NordJW-07, Swe Sh Ch, NO Sh Ch, NW-10

Lelica's Hold Me Tight "Angie"


Born: 2006-09-28

Hips: A-A Eyes: Clear December-2013

Fucosidosis: Clear

Merits: CC-quality from juniorclass
BIS The Springer Club of Sweden Open Show-07
NordJW-07, Classwinner WW-08, NW-10
4 x CC, 8 x BOB, 2 x BOS, 4 x CACIB, BIG-3, BIS-3, BIG, BIS-4

Qualified for Crufts x 3

"Angie" September 2010


"Angie" January 2014

"Angie" February 2010


"Angie" -09


"Angie" July-08 photo:Catarina Henriksson

"Angie" 8½ months old photo: Linda Lindmark

"Angie" 10 months old

"Angie" 7½ months old photo:Susanne Norman

"Angie" 6 months old

"Angie" 10 weeks old  

"Angie" 8 weeks old

"Angie" 6 weeks old





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Ch Beautelle Desert Queen
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Adamants Special Colours

Ch Lelica's Portrait

Nobhill Big Time Spender (4 cert)
Bogaloo's News For Lelica (4cert)



"Neo" Beautelle Katch ThBreeze

"Stella" Ch Lelica's Love Me Do