Swe Sh Ch Lelica's Rock The Stage "Ethan Hawke"

Born: 18/4/2014

Hips: A-A Eyes: Clear 22/02/2017
Fucosidosis: CLEAR

Merits: 4 CC, BOB, CACIB, BIS-2 Springer Mellan

"Ethan" May 2016


"Ethan" July 2015

"Ethan" 9 months old

"Ethan Hawke" at 4 months old




GB Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish GB Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny GB Sh Ch Mompesson Blinking Hell
GB Sh Ch Trimere Time To Remember from Mompesson
GB Sh Ch Mompesson Secret Whisper GB Sh Ch Calmolly Peter Piper
GB Sh Ch Mompesson Rumour Has It
SWE Sh Ch Lelica's Sweetheart C.I.E,SWE Sh Ch,NORW Sh Ch,NOW-10 Lelica's No Reply Beautelle Katch ThBreeze

SWE Sh Ch, NORW Sh Ch Lelica's Love Me Do

Art-Wave's No Sugar Added

SWE Sh Ch Melverly Mystery Maker
SWE Sh Ch Beresford Added Bonus

"Gav" Ch Mompesson Cavendish

"Millie" Ch Lelica's Sweetheart