C.I.E, Swe Sh Ch, No Sh Ch Melverly Bang Tidy "Fern"


Born: 08/08/2012 Liver & white

Hips: A-A Eyes: PRA Cord1: CLEAR Fucosidos: CLEAR

Breeder: Mr Ray Smith, Melverly, UK

Merits: 7xCC, 11xBOB, 1xBIS, 2xBIS-2, 2xBIG-4, 8xCACIB, 3xBIG-3, 1xBIG, 2XBOS

"Fern" May 2016

"Fern" April 2016

"Fern" summer 2015





Sh Ch Mompesson Striker

Sh Ch Syferspring Stinger Swe Sh Ch Alanea Landcruiser
Alanea Premier Femme at Syferspring
Sh Ch Mompesson True Story Sh Ch Mompesson Blinking Hell
Sh Ch Trimere Time To Remember from Mompesson

Sh Ch Melverly Sublimity

Sh Ch Mistily's Magic Merlin to Shipden Swe Sh Ch Mistily's Wizard from Oz

Swe Sh Ch Sweet Lady Anne from Shipden

Taimere's The Songthrush at Melverly

Aus Ch Nobhill Walk On Top at Melverly
Taimere's The Dream Maker




Sh Ch Mompesson Striker


Sh Ch Melverly Sublimity