English springer spaniel since 1987

About us

Our family contains me Lena, my husband Christer and our springers. Our dogs are our familymembers and they all live inside the house. We live in a small village named Grillby. It is about 5,9 miles from Stockholm and 1,5 mile from Enköping and 3,5 mile from Uppsala. Because we have a limited breeding we end up having max 1-2 litters a year, and some years non. 

The goal we have with our breeding is:

* To breed HEALTHY, SOUND and CO-OPERATIVE springer spaniels with excellent TEMPERAMENT and ANATHOMY.

You could say I am raised with dogs. My parents bred Collie-dogs. We also had a very smart German Shepherd female, "Gia", which competed in high classes in work trials.

As a child I spent my weekends at "Haninge Brukshundsklubb" (my parents was involved in the making of that club) so eventually I started to both train and compete in obedience together with a Collie-male named Cronys Golden Shane, we did some nice wins along the way. My first absolutely own dog was a daughter to Shane, she was called "Tracy". With her I trained obedience and also showed her, adn we took together a few CC's. 

After a few year my mother bought a Cocker spaniel female, "Lovisa", she was a stubborn girl that loved to tease. She got a litter of puppies and I decided that one of this breed I wanted. Then came the orange-coloured female "Plommon" (Plum) in to my life. She was exactly as stubbrn as her mother if not even worse. She was also not any showstar, but I loved that little dog so much. We got 12 years toghether. 

I have always admired American Cocker Spaniels, so when I met Christer 1980 we bought a female, the buff-coloured "Lina". With her a small breeding started and we did quite well and got some with all CC's taken. 

After a few health problems I felt that this was not what I wanted to do.

1987 I started to look after a breed that was healthy, not had so very much coat and should be a little bigger. It did not took long time before I had found the breed with a big B, English Springer Spaniel. The first dogs that I falled for was Nobhill Duchess Go Grand and CH Nobhill Chance's Happiness. I wanted such dog and contacted knl Nobhill. 1987 finally the first ESS came to our house, a lovely liver and white female named Nobhill Dark Secret, "Hazel". She and our son became the very best of friends, and they was also almost same ages. 

Unfortunately "Hazel" had dysplasia and ESS number two came, a black and white female named Nobhill Creme De La Creme, "Twiggy". Also this time we had bad luck with the hips.

As they say, "third time it pass", our third ESS cam 1989 and was our lovely "clan-bitch", the beautiful black and white Nobhill Sincerely Yours, "Alicia". "Alicia" haad some success in the showrings and in junior class she was never even beaten, she got all her CC's fast. She also had several BOS. "Alicia" had 4 litters with 4 different males. CH Jester's Dancin'Dirty, CH Jester's Spotlight, CH Will-Orion's Finnish Affair and Bogaloo's Noisy Red Rebel. She left Champions and "fully certificated" dogs in every litter, her progeny have together 19 CC's. And with that we builded our stock. Today she lives on in all our own bred females. For example CH Lelica's Photogenique is a grandchild of her so our so loved Alicia will forever live on here at Kennel Lelica's.

We wish you welcome to our homepage and hope you will have a pleasant time here / Lena