Sw Sh Ch Lelica's Photogenique "Elle"

Sw Sh Ch Lelica's Portrait "Skrållan"

Sw Sh Ch Lelica's Mystique "Britney"

FINCh Lelica's Spotlights On Me "Nikki"

FINCh Lelica's Into The Light "Kevin"

Sw Sh Ch, Norw Sh Ch Lelica's Love Me Do "Stella"

Sw Sh Ch, Lux Ch, C.I.E Ch Lelica's Ticket To Ride "Viggo"

Aust.Ch Lelica's Here There And Everywhere "Harry"

SU(U)Ch, NordJW-07 Lelica's Hold Me Tight "Angie"

Sw Sh Ch Lelica's No Reply "Zimon"

Dt Ch, C.I.E Ch Lelica's Katch Me If You Can


SE U(u)Ch Lelica's Sweetheart

SE U(u)Ch Rowemaris New Moves at Lelicas

SE U(u)Ch Lelica's Nothin´Shakin

Dutch Sh Ch Lelica's Yes It Is

NO Sh Ch, SWE Sh Ch, NO VCH, S VCH Lelica's Sweet Child O´Mine

SA CH, Aus CH Lelica's Smasher at Whitesquall

Swe Sh Ch Lelica's Rock The Stage

SWE TR Ch,NO Sh CH, SWE Sh CH Lelica's Perfectly Sweet

Dogs with all CC's (would have been Champions with todays rules) 

Lelica's Extra Extra "Selma" (3cc)

Lelica's Light's Smash Hit "Sigge" (4 cc)

Bogaloo's News For Lelica "Janet" (3 cc)

Nobhill Sincerely Yours "Alicia" (4cc)

 Dogs we have handled to Champions

Sw Sh Ch Melverly Mystery Maker "Melvin"

Sw Sh Ch, Norw Sh Ch Whisborne Inferno "Bruno"


Other Champions


SVCh Lelica's Tigress Tracy "Sasha"

SVCh Lelica's The Rising "Nogger"