Sw Sh Ch Lelica's Photogenique "Elle"

Born: 970512

Hips:UA   Eyes: UA
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"Elle" is the kennels obvious "first lady". She is born in a litter with seven puppies and already at 3 weeks of age she had decided that she NOT wanted to spend any time with them. She jumped out of the whelpingbox and if we carried her back there she just went out again and that she did until we gave up. Her favourite place was under the sofa or the bed but best of all was to lay in the sofa. So, we had our days busy to look where we walked so that not walked on her, when she was everywhere and small. 
"Elle" loves her "mom" and it is not a lie to say that those feelings are returned- She is most often laying in "mom's " knee. But nowadays she have to be quick to keep her place in the sofa, cause her daughter "Britney" also decided that this is very nice place to be. Of course she have her own pillow beside her loved "mom" in the bed as well ... 

"Elle" had two litters, both sired by CH Melverly Mystery Maker. "Elle" is not much showed even though she loves to be in the showring and perform. She got her last CC and Championtitle in Askersund SKK in august 2001.


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