Sw Sh Ch Melverly Mystery Maker
"Melvin" L/W & tan

Born: 970809

Breeder: Mr & Mrs Ray Smith, England

Hips: OK Eyes: OK
Fucosidosis tested CLEAR

"Melvin" BIS veteran SKC INT show in Norrköping-05

"Melvin" almost 8 years old Photo: Jessica Lind

Photo: Jessica Lind & Monica Dreijer

Photo: Sara Brogan

Photo: Josefin Hamilton

"Melvin" came to us in February-98. He totally charmed us all with his lovely temperament. He is very easy to live with, so uncomplicated. His biggest passion in life is to "play football" and to bath and swim, if it is in the sea or in some ditch is of no difference for him as long as there is water in it. His second big passion is of course food.

"Melvin" have the Swedish CC record in breed, he have 20 of them. He also have several BIS and BIS-placements and group-placements as well. During 2000-2001 was "Melvin very sparely showed after a busy 1999, but when the new champion rules came we brought him to Köping in October 2001 to try to get his title, which also succeeded. As a bonus he also got BOS under the Finnish breedspecialist Tarja Hovila (Adamant's ESS).

Two of the wins we value very high is the BOB at Skokloster 2002 and BIS at the SpringerClubs Club Show 2002. Both shows under English breedspecialist.

"Melvin" has sired several show champions, CC-winners, BOS, BOB, BIG-winners, tracking champions and more is to come.



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"Melvins" beautiful mother, SU(u)Ch Melverly Mystery Girl "Jazz Photo: Monica Dreijer


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