Dogs from the past

On this page you will find some of the dogs that was with us in the past.

Nobhill Sincerely Yours "Alicia" (4 cc)
(Adamant's Tom Collins x Nobhill Delights Glamour Girl)

Lelica's Extra Extra "Selma" (3 cc)
(Ch Jester's Dancin' Dirty x Nobhill Sincerely Yours)

Lelica's This Is Style "Rachel" (2 cc)
(Lelica's Light's Smash Hit x Lelica's Extra Extra)

Bogaloo's News For Lelica "Janet" (3 cc)
(Ch Shelley's Toyrivers Traveler x Ch Lelica's Spotlights On Me)

 Tre kullsyskon efter Ch Jester's Spotlight x Nobhill Sincerely Yours

FINCh Lelica's Into The Light "Kevin" & Lelica's Light's Smash Hit "Sigge" (4 cc)

FINCh Lelica's Spotlights On Me "Nikki"

AMCh Jester's Spotlight "Light"